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The Town of Cosa

Cosa was a Latin city state, self governed and loyal to Rome. After a period of economic recession caused by the devastating effects of the Punic wars, a period of prosperity began for the city and its port. New settlers flocked to it, the public and private building industry flourished, and major works of hydraulic engineering were carried out to build the "Portus Cosanus". In 90 B.C. it was given Roman citizenship, thereby making it part of the "Res Publica".

Circa 71 B.C. the city was sacked and set on fire in circumstances which still remain unknown. The deportation and killing of its population resulted in it being abandoned for circa forty years, until it was reconstructed and re-populated under the emperor Augustus. From that point in time it followed the ups and downs of the fortunes of Rome.


Cosa’s territory was invaded in the 5th century by the Visigoths under Alaric, and afterwards it was the last bastion of the Arians who changed the name of the town, which had become a poor village, to Ansedonia. It therefore passed over to the Franks, and due to the will of Charlemagne, it was donated as a fief of the Three Fountains Abbey in 805. The history of the 10th century include the appearance of the Saracens, with their raids on much of the territory of the Maremma, while in the 13th century it became the possession of Count Ildebrando of Sovana.


It was subsequently under the dominium of the Orsini, then part of the Republic of Orvieto and finally part of the Republic of Siena, which raised its last ruins to the ground to chase away marauders who had taken refuge there. Cosa therefore remained in silence until 1948, the year in which excavation works began to gain archaeological knowledge of the city and its port.

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